Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Finger Points Outwards - No.1

In the wake of my 'seemingly-not-so-exhaustive-after-all' history on Marvel Comics' The Avengers, I was asked to contribute an article to the excellent website Avengers Forever. (I did publicize my Avengers history in the forum of this website... this blog isn't yet well-known enough for me to get random requests.) You can view the article here.

For those people who are Avengers fans, I recommend looking around the rest of the website for other Avengers-related goodies, including reviews, interviews, articles, wallpapers, and so on. (I concede that the odds of an Avengers fan finding the website through this blog rather than the reverse are tiny to say the least.) For those people who still think I'm talking about the Ralph Fiennes-Uma Thurman movie, this article may appeal to you more than the one I posted here - it's shorter and more personal - the type of article that you might expect would appear on my blog (go figure).

Anyway, since most of the articles I've written over the past year have been either comic book or football related maybe it's time I got a suggestion box. Anyone want a running diary of my upcoming trip to Adelaide? 'What Lurks In O'Connell Street' - it practically writes itself.


Ludicrousity said...

That's fantastic! Yay for you! I confess I know nothing of the avengers, but I'm excited you got an articule published online! Congrats!

Troy Wheatley said...

Thanks. I think it's now the fourth thing that comes up when you google my name, amidst the five hundred references to my Research Discussion Paper.

Ludicrousity said...

Nice! google me. It's all about me baby! That's what you get for having a rare name!