Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Wisdom of Patrick Smith

In an article in today's Australian about the state of the Richmond Football Club, one of the most arrogant and least considerate football writers, Patrick Smith, claimed that 'The grip on reality at Punt Rd is hardly strengthened when cheerleaders in the media write that the Gary March-led board has nothing to feel awkward or disappointed about.'

What on earth could he be referring to? Well it's most likely Caroline Wilson's article in yesterday's Age. Let us go read that article again and see if Patrick's claims hold up.

'If president Gary March put his hand on his heart he would admit he had so far failed to fully rebuild the least successful AFL club in almost three decades.'

Hmm, I don't think that's nothing Patrick. But maybe you missed that sentence (possibly because you had disappeared up your own ego). Let's see if we can find anything else. Whoops, here we go:

'As bad as the playing group has been this season — and yes, they have been shocking'

Strike two, Patrick. Though I suppose that's really just talking about the playing group. Surely Caro is holding up her pom-poms for the place as a whole. But wait, what's this?

'No one is suggesting that all is well at Tigerland. Clearly the football malaise is infectious and as good as young Trent Cotchin might be, no cure is in sight.'

Ah well Patrick, you can't win them all. Maybe one day you will refer to an article without blatantly contradicting it. And that cannot be a bad thing.