Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Poetry of Noel Gallagher

You need to find a way for what you want to say
Two of a kind we'll find a way
Let me be the one that shines with you and we can slide away.
Cause it's all just the same at the end of the day
We're throwing it all away
We're throwing it all away
We're throwing it all away at the end of the day
I dream of you - and all the things you say
Nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day
Nobody ever seems to remember life is a game we play
We live in the shadows and we had the chance and threw it away
You gotta say what you say
Don't let anybody get in your way
Today is gonna be the day
Her soul slides away, but don't look back in anger I hear you say
At least not today
You know that I gotta say time's slipping away
Some might say we will find a brighter day
Bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say
Chained to all the places that he never wished to stay
Where angels fly you won't play
An extraordinary guy can never have an ordinary day
He might live a long goodbye but that is not for me to say
Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday
Said I would and I believe in one day
They only seem to come and go, away
D'you feel a little down today?
Bet you ain't got much to say?
If I may be so bold could I just say something come and make me my day
The clouds around your soul don't gather there for nothing but I can chase them all away
The fair's in town today
Tomorrow we'll be castaway
Cold and frosty morning there's not a lot to say
And as the day was dawning my plane flew away
So dont go away, say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
Damn my situation and the games I have to play
Damn my education I can't find the words to say
So take me away cos I just dont want to stay
Cos all the lies you make me say
Are getting deeper every day
You're gonna make a better day
You know it's gonna be okay
But I'll be back another day
And the way that you'd always say
While we're living the dreams we have as children fade away
They fade away, away, away
Fade away, away, away
Day by day
There's a man in a suit who's gonna make you pay
For the thoughts that you think and the words they won't let you say
One fine day
All my life I try to find another way
All my life I try to make a better day
So what do you say?
You can't give me the dreams that are mine anyway
You're half the world away
Half the world away
Half the world away
I hope you don't regret today
Take the time to make some sense of what you want to say
And cast your words away
Upon the waves bring them back with Acquiesce on a ship of hope today
It's up to us to make the best of all things that come our way
Life is precocious in a most peculiar way
Sister psychosis don't got a lot to say
Ready or not, come what may
The bets are going down for judgement day
Yer better get on yer knees and pray
Panic is on the way
As the sun goes down and it’s high time to pray
Cos all of the stars are fading away
Just try not to worry you’ll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
Away, away, away

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Wooden Finger AFL All-Australian Team 2008

I'm predicting that seven Cats will be named in the final team this year, but it wouldn't surprise me if all 10 that were nominated made it.

Backs: Darren Milburn, Matthew Scarlett, Dale Morris
Half-Backs: Luke Hodge, Nathan Bock, Tom Harley
Centres: Matthew Richardson, Jimmy Bartel, Adam Cooney
Half-Forwards: Ryan O'Keefe, Jonathan Brown, Nick Riewoldt
Forwards: Brent Harvey, Lance Franklin, Steve Johnson
Rucks: Dean Cox, Chris Judd, Gary Ablett
Interchange: Aaron Sandilands, Simon Black, Sam Mitchell, Joel Corey