Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts on the Third Test (Australia v India)

1. The Indians can't complain about the umpiring in this Test.
2. The Indians won't complain about the umpiring in this Test.
3. Anyone who said the Indians should have boycotted the rest of the tour doesn't have the right to celebrate their victory. These people were adamant that the Third Test should never have taken place, and having taken the high ground, they have to stay there. Tough luck.
4. Since 2003, only two countries have beaten the Australians - India (three times) and England (twice)! Other countries would be interested to know how the Indians do it. The West Indies have not beaten Australia since 2003, South Africa since 2002, Sri Lanka since 1999, Pakistan since 1995, and New Zealand since 1993!
5. India is also the last team to beat Australia twice in a row, back in 2001. But I'm willing to bet they won't do it this time (and I won't edit this post if they do).

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