Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Diverse Is Kew Becoming?

For those who are not as nerdly as the Wheatley household, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census Data was released this week. I asked Ms Wheatley today what she would be interested in me finding out with the data, and she said finding out if Kew, Victoria (the suburb we are currently situated in) is becoming more diverse.

 I had a look at two data series: the percentage of persons in Kew who were born outside Australia, and the percentage of persons in Kew who spoke a language at home other than English. By both measures, Kew has become more diverse over the past decade, as I suspect most Australian suburbs have. Driving this trend is the doubling in Kew's population that were born in China. I haven't yet noticed this trend becoming apparent at the Hotel Kew though.

2001 2006 2011
% born outside Australia 26.5 26.8 28.8
% language spoken at home other than English 19.8 21.4 23.9

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