Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Finger Points Outwards - No. 44: Supermodels and Superheroes

I was a teenager, and I was waiting at either at the doctor or the dentist, when I was flicking through the fashion magazines in the waiting room. (It beats 'Better Homes and Gardens',) Anyway, one of the magazines - I think it was 'Vogue', but I haven't found anything to confirm this - had a photo shoot which combined the world's top supermodels with characters from Marvel Comics. As you can imagine, this made a huge impression on my teenage mind, but as I didn't have the foresight or gumption to swipe the magazine from the waiting room, for years it remained only a quickly-glimpsed memory.
Well, thanks to the magic of the internet I can find those pictures again. A blog called 'Secret Oranges' has uploaded all the photos for '90s teenage fanboys to relive. The two photos that I best remembered were those of Claudia Schiffer arm-wrestling Wolverine, and Christy Turlington gliding the spaceways with the Silver Surfer.


But there were a couple that I'm surprised I didn't remember as clearly - these two of Kate Moss in the gym with the Hulk and the Thing, and Naomi Campbell as the biker chick of the Ghost Rider.

If only nerds read fashion magazines, these pictures might be more well-remembered than they are.

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