Sunday, March 24, 2013

AFL Power Rankings 2013 and the (Temporary) Closure of the Depot

Yes, the AFL Power Rankings will be back here this season, but not for a few weeks. I'm thinking I'll change the format a bit this season, though the calculation will probably remain the same. While there are a couple of minor things about the system that bother me, it seems to work reasonably well, and so I'll probably leave it as is. In the meantime, I recommend following the rankings over at AFL Footy Maths (if you don't already) for all your ranking needs.

I'm going to be offline for a few weeks, which means I won't be able to comment on Richmond's 3-0 start to the AFL season and my SuperCoach team will become a shambles. It also means that there will be no posts here during that time. But it'll be back - I've managed to up the level of posting this year, and I'm keen to keep the momentum going. Enjoy Easter folks!

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@AFLFootyMaths said...

Thanks for the plug... get back to Power Ranking soon. Competition and comparison is a good thing!