Monday, April 22, 2013


Name: Tusker.

Brewery: East African Breweries.

Place Of Origin: Kenya.

Type: Pale lager.

Alcohol Content: 4.2%.

Why I Bought It: Well there is not a lot of choice in East Africa, with only a few imported beers. Although given that you can get a 500 mL bottle for the equivalent of about a couple of bucks, it’s arguable whether you need much else.

Taste: It’s a lager, and most of the East African lagers tend to taste fairly similar (see: Safari, Kilimanjaro, Castle).

What I did while drinking it: As you can tell by the photograph, I was reading Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Hell’s Angels’. Not as manic as ‘Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas’ but still worth a read, particularly if you’re in a place where reading material is in relatively short supply.

What I did after drinking it: In this particular instance I simply ordered some food. In other instances, what happens on tour stays on tour.

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