Sunday, October 13, 2013

BEER!![10] – Mountain Goat Brewery Beers

Name: The Mountain Goat Brewery tasting paddle: Hightail Ale, India Pale Ale, Summer Ale, Naz Mocha Porter.

Brewery: Mountain Goat.

Place Of Origin: North Road, Richmond, VIC.

Type: Hightail: amber ale; India Pale Ale: India pale ale; Summer Ale: session ale; Naz Mocha Porter: porter.

Alcohol Content: Hightail: 4.5%; India Pale Ale: 6.2%; Summer Ale: 4.7%; Naz Mocha Porter: 5.2%.

Why I Bought It: Because breweries and paddles go together like paddles and pops. Turns out though it was only just over ten bucks for the four beers though, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Taste: In order of which I drank them: fruity, light, dark, mochaportery.

What I did while drinking it: Shared my concern with my fellow drinkers that my hair was not growing back as fast as it usually does after my most recent haircut. I then felt somewhat better by looking around the brewery, and seeing the shining lights of hairlines receding at much faster rates than mine.

What I did after drinking it: I was quite glad this was one brewery within stumbling distance of where I was going.

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