Sunday, April 13, 2014

AFL Power Rankings: Round 4 2014


Many observers picked Port Adelaide, after last year’s improvement, to slide back down the ladder in 2014, and given that I assessed the Power’s final ladder position as flattering them a bit, I nodded my head in agreement. But Port has improved more than almost any other team, and this week they climb from 8th to 5th in the rankings with a massive win over Brisbane.


Richmond swap places with the Power after another disappointing result, this time against Collingwood. Given that, prior to last year, the last time they played a final (2001) Carlton and Richmond both fell away badly the next season, I am hoping as a Richmond supporter they do not meet again in a final until 2055.


Four of the bottom seven teams – Carlton, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and St. Kilda – lost over six ranking points this week. But on the other hand, bottom placed Melbourne gained over six ranking points from their win over the Blues.

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