Saturday, June 21, 2014

BEER!![14] – Kaiserdom: Limited World Edition 2014

Name:  Kaiserdom Premium Lager: Limited World Edition 2014.

Brewery: Kaiserdom

Place Of Origin: Germany.

Type: Not a premium lager, but a pilsner apparently.

Alcohol Content: I thought I had blown this point by stupidly recycling the can 20 minutes before I began writing this. Fortunately, the internet is here to tell me it was 3.7%.

Why I Bought It: It’s a huge can advertising the World Cup. I couldn’t help but imagine cracking it open at 3am as I watched the Socceroos.

Taste: Pretty bad to begin with actually, it tasted a bit like alcoholic Dettol. But it got better as I got further down the can, and by the end was fairly drinkable.

What I did while drinking it: Didn’t watch the Socceroos actually. I watched the replays of the matches from the night before – Japan v Cote d’Ivorie, and Uruguay v Costa Rica. Is that Costa Rica in the photo there trudging off the pitch at half time before mounting their comeback?

What I did after drinking it: I was a little pleased that I wouldn’t feel compelled to drink another of them until 2018.  

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