Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BEER!![15] – Rogue Beard Beer

Name:  Beard Beer

Brewery: Rogue

Place Of Origin: Oregon

Type: Beer of El Beardo. Brewed with a yeast created from Rogue Brewmaster John Maier’s beard. Did I mention the Rogue brewery is in Oregon?

Alcohol Content: 5.6% ABV. As in Added Beard Volume.

Why I Bought It: When am I going to buy a drink made from facial trimmings again? Particularly since this beer is a one-time brew, at least for now.

Taste: Oh it’s just an ale. You won’t be spitting out barber shop clippings or anything. I am more at risk of that from my regular Coopers beer that I get with my haircut at Dr. Follicles. (Important note to authorities – this is an exaggeration; never take away my beer at Dr. Follicles.)

What I did while drinking it: I could say I listened to Adelaide band The Beards. Drank to ‘Got Me A Beard’, ‘Beard Revolution’, and ‘If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums’. But that would be a hairy-faced lie. (I listened to Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’. But hey, I’m seeing The Beards at 170 Russell in Melbourne this month.)

What I did after drinking it: Got in some stubble-stroking by watching the second season of ‘House of Cards’. Francis Underwood, you magnificent clean-faced bastard.

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