Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Finger Points Outwards - No. 92

COMIC BOOKS: Analysis of the gender composition of comic book characters at Marvel and DC Comics. The majority of characters are male, driven to some extent by a lack of female villains.

VIDEO GAMES: Charlie Brooker on the challenges of being a female on the internet. And also on why video games get a bit of a bad rap.

BASKETBALL: Not doing my laugh-at-my-NBA-predictions this year. (What happened, Harden and Howard?!) Besides FiveThirtyEight are doing it better. Looks like the top five teams in the Western Conference are pretty even.

SPORTS: I have often wondered, if you remove the effects of the car, who would be the best Formula One driver? This master thesis goes a lot further. Answer on page 64 (it’s not Michael Schumacher).

ECONOMICS/POLITICS: When people ask if I am left-wing or right-wing, I am going to reply ‘Economist’.

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