Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Origin of the Wooden Finger

Why is this blog called ‘The Wooden Finger Depot’? When I was a teenager I discovered that I could ‘click’ my middle finger on my left hand in an unusual way, so that it made a hollow sound if I clicked it against something like a table, like this:

A friend of mine dubbed it the ‘wooden finger’. As a teenager, assuming that I would run a creative empire one day, I planned to call said empire ‘Wooden Finger Productions’. As a 20-something, intending that this blog would lead to my creative empire one day, I called it ‘The Wooden Finger Depot’.

And there it is. I actually originally called this blog ‘Random Mumblings’, until the same friend I mentioned above said it sounded too self-deprecating. I do prefer ‘The Wooden Finger Depot’, but I do sometimes think about changing it.

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