Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Finger Points Outwards - No. 104

It still seems strange that this comic book I picked up at the newsagent when I was nine years old, and read throughout the entire 1990s without knowing another reader, became the world’s current biggest movie franchise. But so it is. To mark the release of the new Avengers movie, ‘Age of Ultron’, here are some Avengers-related links:

These are the 50 greatest Avengers stories as voted for by the knowledgeable Comic Book Resources readers. A few months back I came up with my own recommended reading list.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the colours of Avengers covers over their 50 year history. The Avengers’ world has gotten somewhat darker.

Walt Hickey at Fivethirtyeight seems like a bit of an Avengers fan. His recent articles include which Avengers are most likely to show up in future movies, how the Avengers’ movie line-up is stuck in the 1970s, and the physics of Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield.

A list of the 9 ‘worst’ Avengers, and another similar list, though called the 10 ‘lamest’. While I wholly support Doctor Druid’s appearance on these types of lists I actually quite like Starfox. On the subject of the ‘worst’ of the Avengers here are the 10 dumbest Avengers moments Stan Lee ever wrote.

Yes, I like the Avengers and have written a lot about them myself. One of my first big topics on this blog was a pseudo-critical history of the Avengers. I also posted what would be my Avengers team if I was in charge. And finally here was my review of the first Avengers movie. I saw the second movie yesterday, so I’ll post my review of that sometime soon.

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