Sunday, July 12, 2015

AFL Power Rankings: Round 15 2015

This past week I have been reading over and referring back a few times to MatterOfStats’ blog post simulating the finalists for 2015. As a Tigers supporter I am somewhat comforted, and slightly nervous, that Richmond was given an 81 per cent of making the finals after Round 14. That aside, MatterOfStats’ assessment of the most likely finish for each team seems about right to me.

I particularly note that MOS has West Coast’s most likely finish as second, with a 27 per cent chance of finishing first. The Eagles this year are a monster team. This week they knocked over Adelaide by almost ten goals, and even though one may speculate that the Crows’ performance this week was somewhat affected by recent events the Eagles have still put together a string of impressive performances in recent weeks. They are not too far off challenging the Hawks for the top ranking spot. West Coast may have got well beaten by cross-state rivals Fremantle earlier this season, but I’d be willing to bet that when the two teams meet again in a month’s time the result is likely to be a lot different.

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