Friday, May 4, 2012

The Finger Points Outwards - No. 40: The "Other" Wooden Finger

Turns out there is a band called 'Wooden Finger' that, in an act that was equal parts narcissism and boredom, I found when I typed 'wooden finger' into Google and they came up first. (How rude!)

I had a listen to them over on Myspace. How to describe them? Well their Myspace page describes them as "folk", "indie", "Americana", "shoegaze", "classical/baroque to bluesgrass/folk", and "Southern gothic indie folk". From my cursory listen I would say that last description is the most accurate. It also pretty well describes their band photo:

They also have a logo of a wooden finger! Why haven't I done that yet? Well, probably because they're more serious and passionate about their music than I am about this blog. Still, I may have to look into this ... maybe I can persuade Ms Wheatley and her graphicy-design-magic to come up with something for me.

Anyway, from one finger to another, give Wooden Finger and their 'Southern gothic indie folk' a try.

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