Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summary of AFL Power Rankings 2012

 With the AFL Power Rankings over for another home-and-away season I thought I'd once again provide a graph summarising each team's progression in 2012 (click to enlarge obviously):

And here’s a team-by-team summary:

Adelaide: The big improvers of the season. The Crows started in 13th spot, and though they improved in ranking points they were still there in Round 6. After that though they steadily climbed up the rankings, and were 3rd by Round 17, which is where they ended up finishing. Final (actual) ladder position after AFL home & away season: 2

Brisbane: Started in 11th, but spent the majority of the season in 13th or 14th spot, and settled in 13th from Round 17 onwards. Final H&A position: 13

Carlton: The Blues regressed by a large margin this season. They started in 4th, then held the #2 rank from Rounds 2-5, but then they crashed to 9th by Round 10, and barely got in the top half of the rankings again. Final H&A position: 10

Collingwood: Though they started in 2nd spot, the rankings soon made clear that the Pies had lost a bit from the past couple of years, and they spent most of time in the region of 4th to 6th. Final H&A position: 4

Essendon: In the mainstream media the Bombers were considered among the premiership favourites at one stage but they never were here, despite some good performances in April and May. They touched 6th for one round, but otherwise were in the 8-12 region. At least they inspired this anonymous comment for posterity. Final H&A position: 11

Fremantle: The Dockers started in 14th, and were still in 13th spot by Round 16. Then suddenly the Dockers hit the biggest purple patch they’ve ever had, and they ended up in the top half of the rankings (and the finals). Final H&A position: 8

Geelong: The reigning premier and #1 ranked team fell back to the pack and was #9 in Round 16. As soon as they hit their nadir though they hit form again, and finished ranked #4. Final H&A position: 6

Gold Coast: Spent the season in 17th spot, except for Rounds 1, 7, 10-12 and 14 when they were stone motherless last. Final H&A position: 17

Greater Western  Sydney: Spent the season in stone motherless last, except for the rounds where Gold Coast were there. Final H&A position: 18

Hawthorn: The minor premiers and premiership favourites spent most of the season in the top spot, where they took roost from Round 10 onwards (after a brief stint there in Rounds 7-8). Started in 3rd and was never lower than 4th, despite their ladder position early on. Final H&A position: 1

Melbourne: Mostly in 16th position, with some rounds in 15th spot. Final H&A position: 16

North Melbourne: Along with the Bombers and the Tigers, the Kangaroos were a model of averageness. They started in 8th, spent an extended period in 11th during the middle of the season, climbed back up to 7th when they hit good form in the latter half of the season, and finished in 10th. Final H&A position: 8.

Port Adelaide: Alternated between 15th and 16th, until Round 14, where the Dogs kicked them out of the bottom four and they took 14th spot, which is where they stayed. Final H&A position: 14

Richmond: Finished 9th. Thank God they didn’t finish there on the actual ladder. Final H&A position: 12

St. Kilda: The Saints’ ranking belied their ladder position for a lot of the season. They were always in the top half, and were as high as 3rd for three rounds. Blame the narrow losses for their absence from the finals. Final H&A position: 9

Sydney: Initially, the rankings suggested that the Swans would spend another year in the lower half of the eight, when lo and behold, they jumped to 2nd spot in Round 12, and that was pretty much where they stayed. Final H&A position: 3

West Coast: Starting in 5th spot, the Eagles sat atop the rankings for one solitary week in Round 9. They then fell back to 9th by Round 20 as injuries took their toll, but a few good performances at the end saw them finish where they started. Final H&A position: 5

Western Bulldogs: Another big regressor; the Dogs started in 9th, but by Round 14 had fallen to 15th, and finally finished in 16th spot. Final H&A position: 15

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