Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Wooden Finger Five: May 2013

Twenty years after the Vapors, Phoenix has done a version of ‘Turning Japanese’ that is actually tasteful. Easily the catchiest song off their new album, ‘Entertainment’ may just well be the best Phoenix tune since ‘Too Young’. If they had titled their album after this rather than the (still good) instrumental track ‘Bankrupt’ they’d probably sell twice as many copies. (OK, it didn’t work for Gang of Four …)

Still haven’t seen ’Searching For Sugar Man’ yet, but I don’t mind the soundtrack. This song reminds me a bit of my favourite album ever, Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ - the lyrics make very little sense, but the sound is beautiful. I feel like I should know who ‘Molly MacDonald’ and ‘Willy Thompson’ are.
The best Vampire Weekend moment ever:

“If I can’t trust you, then DAMN YOU HANNAH!!!
There’s no FUTURE, there’s no ANSWER!
Though we live on the $US dollar
YOU AND ME, we got our own sense of time …”
Easily the most impassioned lyric that Ezra Koenig has ever uttered.

This month I finally worked out how to create ringtones from my CD collection. For years I wanted a ringtone of this song, because of these lyrics:
“You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favour!/You’ve got a nerve to be calling my number!”

How cool is that? It would be even better if there was a recent ex to assign it to. Speaking of which, I also assigned special ringtones to my other half, and my mother

To this point, Miles Kane seemed like someone who had traded off the fame off his famous Frozen Simian friends. This tune though is a winner – it’s still relying on nostalgia for the ‘60s, but the ‘la … la la la la la la’ refrain is irresistible.

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