Saturday, September 21, 2013

BEER!![9] – Murray’s WILD THING

Name: Wild Thing.
Brewery: Murray’s.
Place Of Origin: Bob’s Farm, NSW.
Type: Imperial Stout.
Alcohol Content: 10.0% - a new BEER!! record.
Why I Bought It: It had ten per cent to do with that I’ve liked Murray’s beers in the past. Five per cent to do that I like stout. And eighty-five per cent to do with the bottle having a Catwoman-like figure in a leather suit.
Taste: Despite its 10.0% ABV I don’t remember it tasting it any more alcoholic than your usual stout. But at 10.0% ABV, perhaps the key words here are ‘don’t remember’.
What I did while drinking it: Take a picture of the bottle, and posted it on Facebook so that I could let all my beer-drinking friends know I was drinking ‘Catwoman stout’ and they weren’t.
What I did after drinking it: Played ‘The Walking Dead’ video game, which I reviewed here earlier this week. When the zombie apocalypse comes, stout is what will get the human race through.

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