Friday, February 7, 2014

BEER!![13] – Great Australian Beer Festival

Brewery: Prickly Moses, Bellarine, Forrest, Little Creatures, Southern Bay, True South, Stone & Wood, Mildura, Hawthorn, Mountain Goat, Murray’s, Matilda Bay, Grand Ridge, Two Birds, Napoleone, Feral, Brew Cult, Odyssey, Cavalier, Kooinda, Killer Sprocket, Temple, Holgate, Three Troupers, Tooborac Hotel, 3 Ravens. (And some cider breweries as well.)
Place Of Origin: Geelong, Vic.
Type: All types, but I had mostly darker beers. I even had a Black IPA (by Kooinda).
Alcohol Content: On average, I reckon more or less 5%, give or take a percentage point.
Why I Bought It: Because it’s beer and music all in one convenient location.
Taste: All pretty good – but I’m massively biased towards Victorian craft beer.
What I did while drinking it: Listened to Owl Eyes and Tigertown on the main stage. Saw a couple of comedians at the Beer Cabaret. Roasted in the sun.
What I did after drinking it: Went to someone’s house and watched ‘10 Things I Hate About You’. 30 tokens worth of beer really helped with watching that movie.

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