Sunday, August 3, 2014

AFL Power Rankings: Round 19 2014


The Brisbane Lions have taken a hammering so far in 2014, which followed a tough off-season, but they have turned things around a bit over the past five weeks. A four goal away win this weekend - even against Melbourne - got them a ranking point, which came off the back of getting a few ranking points against Gold Coast last weekend. This marks the first time in over a year that the Lions have had back-to-back ‘plus’ results. It may only have moved them up to fifteenth on the rankings, but after falling below GWS five weeks back it is a definite improvement.


Adelaide has followed up having its virtues extolled here last week by losing at home by five goals to the West Coast Eagles. This puts them back in sixth on the rankings, although more crucial for their actual premiership aspirations is that it knocks them out of the eight on the premiership ladder as well.


After the top two teams no-one seems to be able to be more than just ‘good’. Just a goal and a half per game separates third placed Fremantle from eighth placed Essendon. The Dockers, who just got over the line against Carlton on the weekend, are the ‘weakest’ third placed team since Hawthorn in the early stages of 2011.

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