Sunday, June 21, 2015

AFL Power Rankings: Round 12 2015

Just as I was talking about Geelong’s dynasty, the Cats go and lose to Melbourne at home, which is a bit of a blow to both their finals chances and their ranking. Perhaps the Cats contracted a similar jinx to what Greater Western Sydney did after I started highlighting their improvement a few weeks back. Meanwhile North Melbourne moves up four spots to sixth after its big win over the Giants, which despite GWS taking a backward step in the past few weeks, still means a lot more than it used to. Finally Port Adelaide does not fall further this week in terms of ranking spots, but it is not looking great for the Power, who have lost to both Carlton and Brisbane in the past five weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering what causes a team to rise or lower their points during their bye week?

Troy Wheatley said...

Hi - it's because the strength of teams they have recently played changes. For example, because the ranking points of GWS took a hit this week, then Collingwood's win against the Giants last week is not rated quite as highly.

If a few of a team's recent opponents are rated less highly then those effects can add up and knock a point off a team's ranking. Those re-rating effects are actually present every week - i.e. the strength of a team's recent opponents are re-assessed each week - but it's only when a team does not play itself during the week that those are the only effect on that team's ranking.