Monday, March 20, 2017

AFL Women’s Power Rankings: Round 7 2017

On the weekend my wife, daughter, sister and I went to the Collingwood versus Adelaide match, in which Adelaide was playing for spot in the AFL Women’s Grand Final next week. Earlier in the season I mentioned that my wife was having a worrying influence upon my daughter’s allegiances, teaching her to say ‘More more Maggies’ which is not the most pleasant thing that my Richmond-supporting ears could hear.

Nevertheless I encouraged the rest of my family to go along to its first AFL Women’s match. The match itself was pretty good – one of the best of the season that I’ve seen. However my poor wife enjoyed it less than I did, spending the entire second quarter in the world’s slowest queue trying to obtain my daughter ice cream (that she subsequently rejected), and the entire final quarter lying on her back feeling faint in the 35-plus degree heat. Which may mean, unfortunate though this experience was, that I have gained even more exclusive domain in taking our daughter to the football in future, at which any more chants of ‘More more Maggies’ are unlikely to be heard.  
Well, on to the rankings … Melbourne finishes the home and away season on top of the rankings after its huge win over Fremantle, despite missing out on the Grand Final next week. Adelaide also gains a few ranking points after its good win, and keeps second spot. Brisbane, who went through the home and away season undefeated, moves down to third. The Lions haven’t been quite as impressive in recent weeks, though perhaps they took their foot off the gas a bit once they knew they would host the Grand Final? In any case Brisbane’s home ground advantage means these rankings peg it as slight favourites to win next week.

As predicted the Bulldogs beat the GWS Giants and put them on the bottom of the ladder, which reflects their position on the rankings. Fremantle also dropped a lot in ranking points after its heavy loss.

With only one match left I’m not going to do a separate women’s rankings post next week, but I will update you on where Grand Final combatants Brisbane and Adelaide finished up in my AFL men’s post. In the meantime, you can also enjoy these summaries of the movements of each team during the first AFL Women’s season.

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