Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BEER!! [6] – GREED

Name: GREED (The Sinner Series).
Brewery: Amager Bryghus.
Place Of Origin: Kastrup, Denmark.

Type: German Pilsener.

Alcohol Content: 4.6%.

Why I Bought It: ‘Greed’ is a beer that Amager reportedly made to extract as much money from the consumer for as little cost as possible. In tribute to the marketing manager, they put his picture on the bottle.

Taste: Not as refreshing as your usual pilsener, probably because I had just driven 25 minutes with the bottle on a hot seat before I opened it.

What I did while drinking it: Watched the mighty 49ers lose the Superbowl (on replay) to a quarterback named Joe Flacco.

What I did after drinking it: Moped on the 25 minute drive home.

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