Monday, February 11, 2013

BEER!! [5] - ACME

Name: ACME California IPA.
Brewery: North Coast Brewery Co.

Place Of Origin: Fort Bragg, CA, USA.

Type: India Pale Ale.

Alcohol Content: 6.9%. Pretty hefty for an IPA.

Why I Bought It: The design of the bottle caught my eye. As a bonus, the six-pack box I got to carry my beers home had the same design!

Taste: Floral and fruity. OK, I’m cheating here – all IPAs taste similar to me, but those are the words commenters are typically using to describe it.
What I did while drinking it: Decorated the sharehouse of my three Sims: Veronica, Vera, and Vanessa Verlaine (of Veronaville).

What I did after drinking it: All the Sims and their guests jumped in the pool (fortunately they hadn’t  been drinking).

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