Monday, February 18, 2013

The Finger Points Outwards - No. 55

Fingers pointing in all directions this week - two whole hands’ worth in fact …

TELEVISION: Maybe I’ll stop my ‘Community’ DVD collection at season three.

TELEVISION: Who should be zombie food on ‘The Walking Dead’?

CARTOONS: Remembering Disney’s ‘DuckTales’.

BASKETBALL: Ranking the NBA players’ real names. And nicknames.

MUSIC: The end of the purity of MBV’s ‘Loveless’.

ECONOMICS: An economist’s break-up letter to his girlfriend.

ECONOMICS: Perhaps it’s because economics students are the most promiscuous.

ECONOMICS: A view on the High Court case between the ACCC and Google.

VIDEO GAMES: This is why I feel guilty about my inability to finish a Zelda game.

AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL: A tough time in the history of the Essendon Football Club.

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