Sunday, June 30, 2013

AFL Power Rankings: Round 14 2013


Richmond has been the in-form team over their past five games, as shown in my nifty new summary table below. Even though they have played relatively weak opposition, the Tigers have been winning by large enough margins to gain them over 10 ranking points and a spot in the top four.  As the nifty new summary table shows, Richmond has made all of its gains for the season in its past five games. 


St. Kilda meanwhile continues to slip further away. As the nifty new summary table shows they have lost the most ranking points of any team this season (over five goals worse), with half of that loss coming in their past five games.


Did I mention I had a nifty new summary table? Apart from each team’s ranking points as of this week, it also includes the change in points over the past week, over the team’s past five games, and over the season so far. Taking the example of Essendon - because they’ve been the example for everything in the 2013 rankings - the Dons have made massive gains over the season to date, but have cooled off a bit in their past five games, though they racked up a few points last week from their win over the Eagles in Perth. (It’s all made possible thanks to my new best friend, the VLOOKUP function in Excel.)  

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