Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid-Year AFL All-Australian Team 2013

As always, there are absolutely no statistics or arguments to back these selections up, but this is who I think would make the AFL All-Australian team at this point:

B: Scott Thompson (NM), Jake Carlisle (Ess), Michael Hibberd (Ess)
HB: Andrew Walker (Carl), Harry Taylor (Geel), Grant Birchall (Haw)
C: Patrick Dangerfield (Adel), Jobe Watson (Ess), Daniel Hannebery (Syd)
HF: Lindsay Thomas (NM), Nick Riewoldt (StK), Steve Johnson (Geel)

F: Jeff Garlett (Carl), Josh Kennedy (WC), Jarryd Roughead (Haw)

R: Will Minson (WB), Scott Pendlebury (Coll), Gary Ablett (GC)

I: Kieren Jack (Syd), Kane Cornes (PA), Jarrad McVeigh (Syd), Nat Fyfe (Fre)

One idea I had was to name a "Freakin' Awesome" team. Basically, there would only be two selection criteria for this team:

1) The team as a whole should be able to beat any AFL team. Thus, if you have Majak Daw and all of his freakin' awesomeness on the team you probably need either Gary Ablett or Scott Pendlebury (both also awesome) to make sure you get the win.

2) If anyone asks you why such-and-such player is on the team, you just say "Because they're freakin' awesome!"

But strangely enough, for a team that should be selected on instinct, I need to think a bit more about this before season's end. Having said that Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield,  Steve Johnson, and Harry Taylor  would  be walk-up starts.

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