Saturday, December 28, 2013

BEER!![11] – Redwood Ale

Name: (No label) Redwood Ale.

Brewery: Barleycorn Brewers.

Place Of Origin: Oakleigh, Vic.

Type: Redwood Ale (like Redback).

Alcohol Content: 4.5%

Why I Bought It: I didn’t. Barleycorn Brewers is a microbrewery where the customer can brew their own beer. A friend of mine was given a voucher for his birthday, and invited me along to help brew and bottle – in return I got a box of beer.

Taste: Lighter than I expected.  You can get through three or four bottles before you even know it.

What I did while drinking it: A few bottles went while I was watching Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson bowl his way through the English batting line-up. Another half dozen went on Christmas Eve. Not sure where the others went …

What I did after drinking it: Kept the two dozen bottles, either to use if I go back again, or for my own upcoming concoction.

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