Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Shit Gamer’s Review: Batman – Arkham Origins

As I’ve already said in a previous review I love the ‘Batman: Arkham City’ game, as I do its predecessor (though I played it subsequently) ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’. Hence, I was pretty psyched for the release of the newest instalment in the series, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’. On 25.10.2013 my friend and I went down to buy our copies, and on 26.10 I set about installing it on my PC.

Well, as it says on the front of the package an internet connection is required to activate the game – this is because you need to connect to some ‘Steam’ network thingy, don’t know why, but hey if that’s what is required then I’ll click. Anyway, the game was downloading fine, and then I went away for a few minutes, and came back and … the download had essentially ground to a halt. It was stuck at about 87%, and increasing at the rate of about 90kbps/sec, and there was an estimated 21 hours left to download. What had happened?

Then I had the horrid thought – maybe my data allowance has been used up. My current data allowance is about 2GB per month (70 per cent of the Western world would probably laugh at this statement). Sure enough, it had, which was doubly annoying as my data allowance for the month had just started 3 days ago. (Lucky I have no extra charge for going over the limit, otherwise I may still be in the hospital.)

So, there you have it – in this case I was such a shit gamer with a shit data allowance that I couldn’t even get the game to start. My efforts to connect to a free Wi-Fi network and download the game have also proved fruitless. I’ve heard it’s good. I hope I get to play it someday. But as of now, it’s still just an icon on my desktop …  

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