Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Top Ten Most Viewed Wooden Finger Posts (and The Best Of Everything) of 2013

These were the top ten most viewed posts on The Wooden Finger Depot ™ this year. AFL and minimum wages were popular topics, although that may be because those were the topics I wrote about the most!

9.       The Top 20 AFL Rivalries

And here is my personal favourite for 2013 for every category that matters to me. Which of course means that without these things your year was woefully incomplete:

Best Book: The Circle – Dave Eggers
Best Album: … Like Clockwork – Queens of the Stone Age (though the album – an oldie – that I got most into this year was the Manic Street Preachers’ ‘The Holy Bible’)
Best Song: Get Lucky – Daft Punk  
Best TV Show: Game of Thrones, just ahead of Mad Men. Just. And frankly, it was probably because of these.  
Best Film: Silver Linings Playbook – OK, it was probably released in 2012, but that and Lincoln (also probably released in 2012) were way above anything else I saw this calendar year. But I haven’t seen Gravity.
Best Comic: Saga – Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (I didn’t need to change this line from last year)
Best Sporting Event: Game 6 of the Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals. While I’m not a Heat fan, it was funny to watch all those faux-Spurs supporting people in the last 30 seconds of that game who were taking joy out of LeBron James’ upcoming ‘failure’ go deathly, deathly silent. And whatever the result, it was a fantastic game – possibly the best NBA game ever. Game 7 was awesome as well.
Best Sportsperson: LeBron
Best Website: The Sartorialist
Best Post: The 24 Most Pretentious Things Ever – at Buzzfeed. Which is in direct contradiction to what I’ve just named the Best Website.
Best Beer:  Boris Imperial Stout
Best Twitter Feed: Rob Delaney

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