Monday, January 14, 2013

BEER!! [3] – Mountain Goat Rare Breed Before The Dawn Black IPA

Name: Before The Dawn
Brewery: Mountain Goat
Place Of Origin: Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Type: Black IPA
Alcohol Content: 7.4%. And at 640ml a bottle it can get you fairly toasty.
Why I Bought It: Because Mountain Goat have worked out that if you call your product ‘Rare Breed’ beer snobs like me will grab one before they run out.
Also there’s the fantastic quote on the label:
“There’s a black that’s blacker than its own shadow. As black as the dark side of the moon. So black even the white bits are black. Darker and more impenetrable than Keyser Soze’s heart. It’s as black as a midnight eclipse, the bottom of the Black Sea, or the inside of the Black Knight’s helmet. This is two shades lighter than that.”
Taste: Quite rich, but still recognizably an IPA. I really liked it - I ended up naming it my favourite beer of 2012.
What I did while drinking it: Since it’s a longneck, I thought about my next glass, and the glass after that, and the glass after that.
What I did after drinking it: Admired that fantastic quote on the bottle some more.

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