Monday, January 28, 2013


Name: KISS Destroyer

Brewery: KISSROCKDRINK Brewery. Yes, really.

Place Of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Type: Well the can says it’s the hottest beer in the world. At a pinch though, I’d guess it’s a lager.

Alcohol Content: 4.9%. Which is 4.9% more than Gene Simmons.

Why I Bought It: Because it’s a beer with KISS printed down the side! And so I could blog about it.

Taste: Oh god, it’s pretty dodgy. It actually reminds me of what beer was like when you were a teenager and hadn’t got used to the taste. Which probably says something about who this beer’s target market is.

What I did while drinking it: I wanted to [fill in blank] all night …

What I did after drinking it:  and [fill in blank] every day.

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